New MMS Administration and Professional Staff (MAPS) Network

The new MMS Administration and Professional Staff (MAPS) network held its second event in November, featuring five managers based in the Melbourne Medical School who each gave a brief overview of their career journey followed by a discussion and Q&A.

MAPS banner
MAPS banner

The MAPS network aims to connect all professional staff across the Melbourne Medical School to foster communication and collaboration and share skills and knowledge. To join MAPS and receive regular updates on events, please viist the MAPS Microsoft Teams channel (Link here).

The MAPS Steering Committee

Sarah Marcola (Chair), Stella Zimic (Deputy Chair), Michelle Chu, Di Doyle, Cathy Iaria, Cathy Jarred, Vince Kalangi, Christine Lancaster, Violet Mukaro, David Pethick, Simone Stahli Quinn, Joanne Rao, Rebekah Saunders and Kimberley Song.