Orygen: Supporting young people at risk of suicide: Free training

Primary care practitioners can now access free online training on managing youth suicide risk and self-harm.

Developed by Orygen, Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, the one-hour training module aims to improve practitioners’ knowledge and skills when it comes to supporting young people at risk. The training contains videos and interactive components and covers:

*             epidemiology of youth suicide and self-harm;

*             the role of primary care in suicide prevention;

*             identification of risk factors and warning signs in young people;

*             engagement and rapport building with young people;

*             psychosocial assessment for suicide risk;

*             safety planning with young people; and

*             useful resources for practitioners.

To complete the training, visit the Orygen Learning Management System.
We are seeking primary care practitioners in the Perth South PHN region of WA to provide valuable feedback on the training via this Survey.
SEP version 130721/ UniMelb ethics approval 2021-12845-20941-3