Progress towards greater Diversity and Inclusion in MMS

In 2021, the Melbourne Medical School (MMS) made important progress towards achieving the Faculty’s gender targets of 38 per cent Level E women in research and teaching and research work focus categories (with a stretch target of 40 per cent).

In 2018, only 27 per cent of the MMS professoriate in these categories were women. After a sustained leadership commitment to improving the quality of career conversations, changing the approach to recruitment (with a much greater focus on diversity and inclusion) and supporting specific initiatives such as the MDHS Supporting Women in MDHS ‘SWiM’ mentoring program, MMS Strategic Grants for Outstanding Women and Women Clinicians in Academic Leadership, this target has been exceeded with 39 per cent of women at Level E in 2022.

Achievements such as this provide great confidence in expanding our focus in 2022 and making further commitments to addressing the barriers for underrepresented people and improving their work or study experience. The recently formed MMS Diversity and Inclusion working group will lead the development of initiatives in this space.

The working group is seeking feedback and suggestions from MMS members who are interested in supporting the School’s Diversity and Inclusion values. Visit our new Diversity and Inclusion Pathways website to find out more.

Enquiries and feedback can be directed to Patricia Gigliuto or David Pethick.