Introducing the Chair of our Department Elephant Circle - Amanda Lobley

Amanda Lobley has been appointed as the Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology's Elephant Circle. The Elephant Circle is a support group to whom department staff and students can go for guidance about how to manage and respond to poor workplace behaviour.

Mandy Lobley. Mandy Lobley.

Mandy is an Associate Genetic Counsellor who graduated from the University of Melbourne last year.

Mandy’s experience in end-of-life and respite care for sick children, genetics studies and work, have given her experience supporting clients and peers during emotionally complex situations.

Being the Chair of the Elephant Circle is an exciting opportunity for her because she is passionate about helping and advocating for others, especially when they are experiencing challenging situations.

Mandy recently provided two ten-minute counselling presentations at our department symposium around listening blocks and empathy. Mandy has a special ability to deliver these messages effectively and we are looking forward to thinking about how we might disseminate these blocks more widely throughout the school.