New Precinct Lead at Northern Health Announced

Professor Shekar Kumta has been appointed to the role of Precinct Academic Lead for Surgery at the Department of Surgery at Northern Health.

Professor Shekhar Kumta. Professor Shekhar Kumta.

Professor Kumta recently joined the department in September. Professor Kumta will build on the progress made by Head of Surgical Research, Dr Russell Hodgson, to further broaden the research expertise at Northern Health.

"I am excited about my role as academic lead in an important Hospital that straddles Melbourne's growth corridor,” said Professor Kumta.

“Research and Education is integral towards providing high quality healthcare. I am interested in helping colleagues in their research endeavours, so that they may contribute not only towards their own academic growth, but also to improve healthcare outcomes more broadly. Likewise, I also hope to leverage my teaching experiences, particularly towards addressing any gaps we may have, in helping students during their transition from medical student to responsible health professional."