Associate Professor Tamsyn Van Rheenen awarded Al and Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship

Associate Professor Tamsyn Van Rheenen, Head of the Mood and Psychosis-Spectrum lab at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, has been awarded a prestigious Al and Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship from the Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation. The Fellowship will further support her research for the next five years.

Associate Professor Tamsyn Van Rheenen.

Associate Professor Tamsyn Van Rheenen from the Department of Psychiatry.

Associate Professor Van Rheenen leads a research program that aims to characterise cognitive impairments in severe psychiatric disorders and understand the mechanisms behind them. With the support of the Al and Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship, over the next five years Associate Professor Van Rheenen will map key risk and protective factors to cognitive traits from a trajectory-based perspective that accounts for different developmental windows in the life course of bipolar disorder for the first time.

Associate Professor Van Rheenen has previously held NHMRC Early Career and Dame Kate Campbell Fellowships. Despite several career interruptions, she has published over 100 papers and received a number of prestigious international, national and local awards in recognition of her research excellence. These include a Gerald Klerman Young Investigator Award from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, a Rising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Science, and a Paul Bourke Medal from the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.