Professor Sharon Lewin elected as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and joins the advisory board of the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations

Professor Sharon Lewin, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Director of the Doherty Institute, has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, placing her among the nation’s most distinguished scientists.

Professor Sharon Lewin standing in a hallway. Professor Sharon Lewin, Director of the Doherty Institute and Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases.

Established nearly 70 years ago, the Australian Academy of Science is a Fellowship of more than 520 of the nation's top scientists who live and work in Australia and around the world. The Academy provides independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice, promotes international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science, and champions, celebrates and supports excellence in Australian science.

Professor Lewin said she was proud to join the Academy as a Fellow and reflected on the importance of science to society.

“I am incredibly proud and excited to be announced as a Fellow joining other inspiring Fellows who have made a tangible difference in the understanding and support for science,” said Professor Lewin.

“Science is fundamental to us as a society. Understanding how the world works is key to our survival and ability to advance.”

“My own scientific career has been in medical research, and science is what drives our advances in medicine - it gives us new treatments, new vaccines, new technical devices. Many transformational changes in health that we enjoy today started with a blue sky idea within fundamental science.”

She was also appointed to the advisory board of the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations (NFACR) by Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon Penny Wong, where she will help build links and strengthen constructive engagement with China.

The new Advisory Board brings together 14 distinguished Australians with diverse perspectives and expertise across business, community, education, the arts, academia and national security. Professor Lewin represents the biomedical research sector, as the only Board member with a current appointment in the sector.

Professor Lewin said she was looking forward to supporting the Foundation’s work, particularly in the areas of education and health and science.

“During the COVID pandemic, we learnt the importance of scientific collaboration and the real value of established trusted partnerships,” Professor Lewin said.

“There is so much exciting science happening in China with a high priority from the Chinese government to fund and grow this sector. Together with the NFACR, we can support even stronger scientific collaboration and exchange between Australia and China.”