The Spot Diagnosis Podcast reaches 40,000 downloads

The Spot Diagnosis Podcast, founded by Associate Professor Alvin Chong, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital and consultant dermatologist, and co-hosted by Dr. Anneliese Willems, a Primary Care Lecturer in the Department of General Practice and a general practitioner, has achieved a significant milestone of 40,000 downloads.

Associate Professor Alvin Chong in the podcast studio. In front of him is a microphone, and he is wearing headphones. Behind him are textured sound-proofing walls.

Associate Professor Alvin Chong in the studio.

Led by the Skin Health Institute, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to dermatology care, the popular podcast series was launched in 2020 with the aim of bridging the dermatology learning gap for both general practitioners and medical students.

The Spot Diagnosis Podcast provides evidence-based, up-to-date medical education and information aimed at upskilling its listeners in treating skin complaints, in order to improve the skin health of our communities.

The series examines the skin complaints commonly encountered including acne, melanoma, eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis, hair loss, viral warts, hidradenitis suppurativa and many more.

Dr Anneliese Willems and Dr Sarah Adamson in the studio. In front of them are microphones and in the background are textured soundproofing walls.

Dr Anneliese Willems from the Department of General Practice and Dr Sarah Adamson from the Victorian Melanoma Service recording an episode.

“I am always thrilled when medical students and GPs tell me that they have listened to the podcast. I believe that in educating our health professionals about skin disease, we are contributing to the skin health of our community,” says Associate Professor Alvin Chong

All Spot Diagnosis Podcast episodes are RACGP continuing professional development (CPD) accredited and can be accessed here. They are also available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.