Introducing a new subject: Health System Transformation

Dr Sonia Chanchlani from the Department of Critical Care and Professor Rosemary McKenzie from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH) have teamed up to develop a new postgraduate offering that is set to reshape the landscape of health reform - the new subject Health System Transformation.

Health System Transformation

Available for enrolment as a single subject from late November 2023.

In a world of evolving healthcare needs and challenges, the demand for forward-thinking health professionals is greater than ever. The journey towards creating 'health system transformation' has been one of collaboration, innovation, and industry-led curriculum development. Dr Chanchlani and Professor McKenzie worked alongside professional leaders from the health sector, government and academia to ensure the new subject is responsive to the needs of our ever-changing healthcare landscape.

The subject delves deep into the drivers of health system reform and the emerging policy and program directions that aim to enhance health system sustainability and population health outcomes.

As its core, Health System Transformation seeks to equip health professionals with the expertise and skills required to lead and execute transformative initiatives within our healthcare system. From health system governance to innovative practices, value-based care, primary and integrated care, environmental sustainability, digital health, and more - the curriculum aims to foster critical skills in health policy and systems analysis, empowering individuals to be change agents capable of driving innovation, improving performance, and enhancing population health and wellbeing.

The course will launch in February 2024, and it will be available for enrolment as a single subject from late November 2023. For enquiries, please contact Rosemary McKenzie: