Professor Cassandra Szoeke presents at Women’s Health Week

Women's Health Week was a busy weeks for the Women's Healthy Ageing Project, the longest established study of women's health in Australia and for its Director, Professor Cassandra Szoeke from the Department of Medicine - Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Professor Cassandra Szoeke from the Department of Medicine in conversation with Professor Anne-Maree Kelly from the Department of Medicine, Western Health.

Professor Szoeke gave a lunchtime talk for women at the Melbourne Town Hall sponsored by the Melbourne City Council and the National Women's Council. She also spoke at two library events at the Docklands and Boroondara libraries.

Lastly, there was the presentation and panel discussion at University House, followed by dinner in the Karagheussian room. This included a short presentation from Professor Szoeke’s collaborators at the Melbourne Business School, who are working with her on why mid-career women are leaving their careers and the impact this has on business.

The talks at University House are now an annual event for the first Tuesday in September 2024.

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