Redesigning the Graduate Certificate of Health Informatics and Digital Health

The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health is delighted to announce that Academic Board approval has been received to update next year's Graduate Certificate of Health Informatics and Digital Health to include the Centre's Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation of Health core subjects.

Michelle Mun and Sonia Chanchlani

(L-R) Dr Michelle Mun from the Melbourne Dental School and Dr Sonia Chanchlani from the Department of Critical Care.

Due to the changing clinical landscape, there has been increased interest in health professionals pursuing higher certification in digital health. Commonwealth support of a formal Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program aims to overcome barriers and gaps in the industry through clarifying core competencies, standardised training and education curriculum, career trajectories, and guiding remuneration in the field of informatics and digital health.

The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health is primed to be one of the preferred, if not the leading provider, of a unique and innovative postgraduate certification within the Fellowship program.

Over the course of two months, The Centre worked with Dr Sonia Chanchlani and Dr Michelle Mun to map digital health competencies and frameworks against the University of Melbourne's course and subject offerings. This was to help finalise an updated contemporary Graduate Certificate that meets the standards of the forthcoming Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program, while also attracting those pursuing other avenues in the field of digital health and clinical informatics.

The updates include a new course title (Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation of Health), learning outcomes promoting contemporary offerings aligned to the skills and competency requirements of the changing market, and new core and elective subjects that allow participants the flexibility to build knowledge and skills in data science, consumer participation in healthcare, leadership and change management, research methods, or sustainability or ethico-legal contexts in digital health.

The Centre will be developing a unique new short course over the next year, adding to the Centre's suite of professional development offerings.