OPUS Mentor Makes Meaningful Impact

Visiting Emeritus Professor Stefan Lohmander gets down to work during a brief 4-day visit.

Emeritus Professor Stefan Lohmander visits the University of Melbourne. Photo Supplied.

Late last year the University of Melbourne was awarded an astounding 4 Centre’s of Research Excellence (CRE), with a large clinically focused grant landing right on the doorstep of MDHS.

The CRE in Total Joint Replacement (TJR) awarded to Head of Department (St Vincent’s) and Sir Hugh Devine Professor of Surgery Peter Choong plans to Optimise outcomes, equity, cost effectiveness and patient Selection (OPUS) in TJR nationally and internationally, promoting critically needed stewardship for this high volume and expensive procedure.

During the week beginning the 22nd of May, Department of Surgery staff and students were graced by the auspicious visitor Emeritus Professor Stefan Lohmander, Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Department of Clinical Sciences, at Lund University in Sweden. His prestigious career highlights include the Orthopaedic Research Society USA Arthur Steindler Award for significant international contributions to the understanding of musculoskeletal disease, the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Award for Research in osteoarthritis and the OARSI Lifetime Achievement Award for exceptional contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of osteoarthritis.

Stefan is a critical mentor for the CRE and sounding board for idea’s, structure and strategy in the facilitation and implementation of various plans and processes outlined for completion in the next 5 years.

His itinerary was tightly scripted during his visit, though we were still able take advantage of his wealth of knowledge spanning 40 years of osteoarthritic, orthopaedic and clinical knowledge by setting up several staff, student and community engagement activities. Over 2 days, Stefan mentored a number Research Higher Degree and Post Doctoral department staff, providing feedback to each in relation to career direction and focus. This level of mentorship could extend to you if you’re interested in partaking in the relevant postgraduate clinical studies, with the availability of 2 OPUS scholarships. Click here for more information.

Stefan was also a guest expert on the podcast media stream “Eavesdrop on Experts” where he was invited to be interviewed in the Harry Allan Brooks Museum of Anatomy and Pathology. Questions focused on career, health, and bone structure and function. This created a buzz for students who continued to work in the space during recording, adding a nice authenticity to the podcast. You can find the podcast here: Eavesdrop on Experts - Legs, Ligaments and Longevity with Emeritus Professor Stefan Lohmander.

The visit also coincided with the 2 day Aus/Med Biotechnology Conference held at the Crown Promenade Conference Centre where Head of Department and prior mentee Professor Peter Choong was the Keynote Speaker, opening the start of the conference with a talk titled “We are such stuff as dreams are made of”, leading the discussion and dialogue on future improvements in total joint replacements and non-invasive human/mechanical interactions.

We would like to thank Stefan and his wife for his time and hope to see him back again soon for a longer and more comprehensive visit.