eLearning Made Easy

The Mobile Learning Unit (MLU) is now open for business, and there has been a great response from across the faculty. Within the first month there have been nearly a dozen expressions of interest, and approval to proceed has been given on two of the proposals.

What has stood out from the discussions, is that many of the academics have been wanting to create an online course, but have not found an easy, cost-effective delivery mechanism. The establishment of MLU fills that niche and will enable education to reach more people in an accessible, flexible way through the use of advanced mobile technologies.

MLU offers a fully supported solution from beginning to end, and works with the client to develop a customised eLearning solution that meets the desired objectives. MLU understands the online learning environment, and have a team of project managers, visual designers and technology specialists who will shape ideas and learning goals into an eLearning strategy.

If you are interested in creating a professional development course and want to find out more, see our brochure or contact Edwina Coller at ecoller@unimelb.edu.au.