Grant Success - Good News for Young People’s Health

The Children and Young People’s Research Group in the Department of General Practice (DGP) has welcomed news of successful projects that will consolidate existing Australian partnerships, and create new ones with Indonesia, in improving adolescent health and wellbeing.

Associate Professor Lena Sanci was a Principal Investigator in an NHMRC CRE grant lead by Professor Kate Steinbeck at the University of Sydney.

This Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health aims to transform the future of health services for adolescents through the creation of modern, inclusive and cost-effective solutions to complex challenges across ethics, access and engagement in contemporary services.

The Australia Indonesia Centre also announced that all three projects, in which the DGP partnered with Indonesian family physicians, paediatricians, and medical educators, were successful.

These grants fund six month projects that will lay the groundwork for larger studies aiming to prevent noncommunicable diseases through early intervention work with adolescents in the family, clinic, and school setting.