Biopen Team Awarded Grant

The talented Biopen team are taking their research to the next level.

The Department of Surgery, St. Vincent’s Hospital, were recently awarded a BioMedTech Horizons grant through the MRFF system.

Led by Professor Peter Choong, who heads the Advanced Limb Reconstruction programme at St. Vincent’s, a consortium including University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, Swinburne Technical University and St. Vincent’s Hospital were awarded almost $900,000 for the Biopen project, over two years, to advance to commercialisation their hand-held live cell printer for repairing tissue defects.

This project harnesses the latest bio-ink technologies, microparticle cell systems, co-axial printer developments and cartilage tissue engineering in a translational laboratory, AdBioFab3D, to repair cartilage defects in joints to prevent osteoarthritis.

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