Recruiting Female Health Practitioners for a Storytelling Project

Are you a woman who works in the health sector in Victoria?  Do you identify as a survivor of family, domestic or sexual violence?  Are you interested in sharing your experience confidentially?

The University of Melbourne and Strengthening Hospitals Responses to Family Violence program invites women who work in the Victorian health sector to take part in a confidential interview about how their experience as a victim/survivor of family or sexual violence may affect work or clinical practice.

You are also invited to participate in a digital storytelling workshop with other victims/survivors working in the health sector.

The workshop will produce a unique multimedia video about your experiences, however, only your voice will be used, and you will not be identified from your digital story.

For more information about this project please contact Kitty Novy or 03 8344 4538.

This project has been approved by The University of Melbourne HREC #1851604

More Information

Kitty Novy

03 8344 4538

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