General Practitioner, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager attitudes to sharing de-identified patient health information for research

  • Project Leader
    Dr Tim Monaghan

Project Details

General practices collect a comprehensive set of patient health information which is stored primarily in the form of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). The patient health information stored in EMRs is increasingly being shared and used for purposes other than patient care (e.g. for clinical audits, quality improvement and research).

The aim of this project is to explore general practitioners’, practice nurses’ and practice managers’:
(a) attitudes and beliefs about the sharing and use of de‐identified patient health information for the purposes of research; and
(b) perceived barriers to and facilitators for the provision of de‐identified patient health information for the purposes of research.

This project is an exploratory qualitative study involving 10-15 participants from General Practices across Victoria who will undertake a questionnaire and individual semi-structured interview which will be recorded and thematically analysed. Final results are expected by the end of 2019.


Dr Rachel Canaway
A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis


This research project is supported by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners with funding from the Australian Government under the Australian General Practice Training program.

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Data Driven Quality Improvement

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General Practice and Primary Care

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