Shared decision support for patients. An antimicrobial stewardship strategy to promote appropriate antibiotics use in primary care

Project Details

This project pilots a suite of shared decision support tools that provide information and support clinical discussion and decision making with patients with common infections in primary care: respiratory tract infections (RTIs), skin and soft and tissue infections (SSTIs) and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Its assesses whether these tools will be acceptable for general practitioners (GPs) and patients to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for common infections with the aim to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing.

Ten Data for Decisions partner practices across Victoria will be recruited to pilot these tools. During the 5-month intervention period (originally June to October 2020, may be delayed due to COVID-19), participating GPs will access these tools with patients coming in for a RTI, SSTI or UTI consult to discuss management and treatment options that may or may not benefit with antibiotic use. De-identified Patraon data about RTI, SSTI, and UTI consultations and antibiotics prescribed before and after the intervention period will be used to assess the effectiveness of these tools in reducing the number of antibiotics prescribed. Semi-structured interviews with GPs and patients around acceptability and usability of the tools will also be conducted.

Research Outcomes

Paper published online in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: Exploring the appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing for dental presentations in Australian general practice—A pilot study

Research Group

Data Driven Quality Improvement Data for Decisions

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General Practice and Primary Care

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