Exploring pathology investigations for suspected diabetes in children attending general practice

Project Details

This project used the Patron dataset to meet two aims. The first was to determine the proportion of paediatric patients without a diabetes diagnosis that had diabetes pathology tests ordered for them. The second was to obtain odds ratios for the effect of age, sex, socio-economic status, and rurality on whether diabetes pathology was ordered.

Patron ID: PAT064

Project Lead:

Prof Jim Buttery


Over 85% of Australians visit a general practice at least annually, with rich data being recorded in their electronic medical records. The collection of de-identified information, such as demographic, medical and prescription data from the general practice record could help us better understand how conditions are managed in general practice and to understand the patient journey, and its associated costs and outcomes. Currently, general practice data is not being utilised to realise its full potential.

This program of research will enable the use of this dataset for student projects, which are supervised by at least one of the named investigators on this application. The secondary data analysis of the Patron data sets undertaken by students will describe general practice activity, be used to provide feedback to general practices sharing their data, and inform development of interventions, policy and planning. It is also anticipated that methods to optimise the analysis of electronic medical record data will be developed..

Research Outcomes

  • Honours thesis.

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Data for Decisions

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General Practice and Primary Care Research

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