Future Health Today: Detecting people at risk of chronic kidney disease

  • Principal Investigator
    A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis

Project Details

Part of the Future Health Today program of work. Stage 1 uses general practice data from Patron to develop and validate algorithms that will contribute to improving detection and management of people with, or at risk of, chronic kidney disease (CKD). The algorithms will underpin the Future health Today tool which will be made available in general practice when ready.

Stage 2 has practitioners from Data for Decisions partnering practices and consumers helping to co-designing the tool.

Stage 3 will pilot and evaluate the Chronic Kidney Disease detection and management tool, first in two Data for Decisions partner practices, expanding to ten practices.

Stage 4, if approved, will use Patron data to create benchmarking reports so that participating practices can compare their progress in CKD detection and management to other (deidentified) practices.

Ethics approval - The University of Melbourne

Research Outcomes

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Data for Decisions

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General Practice and Primary Care

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