Understanding and exploring adolescent health presentations in the Victorian primary care setting

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This project will be carried out by two fourth year medical students using Patron data to describe adolescent and young people's 2019 presentations to general practice in Victoria Australia.

It is over a decade since the reasons for adolescents and young peoples' (aged 10-25 years) presentations to Australian general practice have been examined; and there have been no attempts to examine reasons for their presentations using electronic medical record (EMR) data. In order to address quality care indicators for adolescents and young people in general practice we need to better understand how data in EMRs are recorded and to establish coding frameworks for you people's presentations and care that can be used nationally.

This study will enable us to begin to understand the EMR data as it relates to adolescent and young adult presentations to primary care, and it will give a preliminary understanding of the epidemiology of presentations and the limitations in the data that need to be improved to advance the utility of this data for capturing adolescent primary care consultations and quality indicators in the future.

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