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Research Overview

Prostate cancer is one of the commonest cancers worldwide. Our research is looking at mechanisms of prostate cancer progression and of treatment resistance, using molecular biology, structural biology and bioinformatics approaches in biomarker discovery as a means of identifying new diagnostic and drug targets.

We have identified potential compounds which inhibit prostate cancer progression. The aim of this Honours project is to confirm anti-metastatic potential of these compounds in in vivo mouse models of primary human tumour xenotransplants. In addition, investigation of potential mechanisms of action of these compounds in angiogenesis will be carried out using in vitro tube formation assay.

An approach that we have undertaken is a time-course, whole transcriptome analysis of an cell line model of androgen resistance transition. The mechanisms driving the transition to androgen-resistance are still uncertain and this development contributes to the difficult task of predicting outcome. We aim to clarify molecular and transcriptomic changes that occurs during the transition to this so called Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)stage.The classification and characterization of CRPC will potentially lead to improved understanding of and new treatments for the targeting of molecular processes involved in prostate cancer progression.

Our research plans involve a multi-disciplinary program to try to understand CRPC development and the prevention of metastatic processes in prostate cancer. These strategies should lead to new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches to this common malignancy.



  • Dr Melissa Davis, Bioinformatics Laboratory, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, VIC, Australia
  • Professor Michael Parker, Structural Biology Laboratory, St. Vincent's Institute for Medical Research, VIC, Australia
  • Dr Elizabeth Williams, Tumour Model Laboratory, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Center Queensland, QLD, Australia

Research Publications

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