Perinatal Research Group

Research Overview

The Perinatal Research Group, led by Professor Sue Walker AO, is made up of maternal fetal medicine clinical researchers.

The diverse research interests of the group reflect a collaborative effort with scientists and clinicians across many disciplines and institutes. The group partners with the Translational Obstetric Group, University of Melbourne, led by Professor Stephen Tong; the Austin Health Institute for Breathing and Sleep; the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; and other University of Melbourne obstetric research groups, led by Professor Michael Permezel, Associate Professor Martha Lappas, Associate Professor Megan Di Quinzio and Associate Professor Harry Georgiou.

The group also collaborates with Austin Health, La Trobe University, Deakin University, University of Papua New Guinea, University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), the Royal Women’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

The research areas are diverse, including stillbirth, fetal growth restriction, diabetes, sleep disordered breathing in pregnancy and preeclampsia.

The group would like to thank the funding bodies, the research midwifery team led by Gabrielle Pell, the clinical trial coordinator Anna Middleton (currently being covered by Alexandra Roddy Mitchell), the Mercy Health Human Research Ethics Committee, the obstetric and midwifery clinicians who support the research, and the patients, who all share in the dream for safer motherhood and the best possible start to life. Without them, none of this would be possible.


  • Professor Sue Walker AO Sheila Handbury Chair of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Head of Department O&G
    • Research Theme: Fetal growth restriction; Perinatal sleep research
  • Associate Professor Alexis Shub Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Obesity/Diabetes
  • Associate Professor Lisa Hui Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Cell free nucleic acids in perinatal medicine; Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy
  • Dr Teresa MacDonald Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Fetal Growth; Restriction and Stillbirth
  • Dr Elizabeth McCarthy Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Obesity; Pregnancy Loss
  • Dr Alison Fung Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Perinatal sleep research
  • Associate Professor Simon Meagher Research Clinician
    • Research Theme: Ultrasound in Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Ms Gabrielle Pell Research Midwife
  • Ms Anna Middleton Research Midwife
  • Ms Alexandra Roddy Mitchell Research Midwife
  • Ms Alison Abboud Research Midwife
  • Ms Val Kyritsis Research Midwife
  • Ms Jacqueline Free Research Midwife


1. Perinatal Sleep Research: Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Austin Health

Dr Mark Howard, Sleep Physician Clinical Researcher

Ms Danielle Wilson, sleep scientist, PhD

Sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnoea are more common in

pregnancy, and are increased further among women who are obese. Given that over

half the antenatal population are overweight or obese, research in this area may help

unravel the links between obesity and hypertension in pregnancy, problems with fetal

growth, and stillbirth.

2. Tygerberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Cathy Cluver, Research clinician

Dr Cluver undertook fellowship at Mercy Hospital for Women in 2013, and has

returned to Cape Town to run the Preeclampsia Intervention with Esomeprazole trial.

Close links continue with teaching and research between our institutions.

3. Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Professor Jane Halliday

A/Prof Lisa Hui is one of the international leaders in the area of non-invasive prenatal testing, prenatal testing trends and cell free nucleic acids as biomarkers of health and disease. This research has arisen from a strong collaborative partnership with  Professor Jane Halliday at MCRI

4. Contribution to National and International Trials

The Mercy Hospital Perinatal Research Group provides obstetric leadership for the following national and international externally funded major obstetric trials: the Australian Placental Transfusion Study, the EPPI Trial – Enoxaparin for the Prevention of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine growth restriction, and the MAGENTA trial: Magnesium Sulphate at 30-34 weeks’ gestational age: neuroprotection trial, and the STRIDER Trial: a randomised controlled trial of Sildenafil in Dismal Prognosis  Early-onset Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

5. La Trobe University

Collaborations in the areas of fetal growth restriction, improved fetal surveillance in high risk pregnancy

6. Deakin University

Collaborations in the areas of diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders in pregnancy

7. Austin Health

Collaborations through research in high risk pregnancy, including infectious diseases, cardiology, transplant medicine, diabetes and hypertension


Our team is CI on the following NHMRC grants:

#2000732: Developing a Screening Test to Identify Women at Risk of Preeclampsia. CIA Kaitu'u-Lino TJ, CI Walker SP et al. NHMRC Ideas Grant (2021 – 2023): $1,119,284.

#1196010: Closing the critical knowledge gaps in perinatal genomics. CIA Hui L et al. NHMRC MRFF Investigator Grant (2021 – 2025): $1,281,125.

#1199329: Can intrapartum SildEnafil safely Avert the Risks of Contraction-induced Hypoxia in labour? iSEARCH – a pragmatic Phase 3 Randomised Controlled Trial. CIA Kumar S, CI Walker SP et al. MRFF: Rare Cancers, Rare Disease and Unmet Needs (RCRDUN) (2020 – 2024): $3,418,152.

#1183854: Developing new diagnostics to prevent stillbirth. CIA Tong S, CIB Walker SP et al. NHMRC Synergy Grant (2020 – 2024): $5,000,000.

#1182938: PROTECT Me: Assessing Antenatal Maternal Melatonin Supplementation in Fetal Growth Restriction to Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes. CIA Palmer K, AI Walker SP et al. NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies (2020 – 2024): $1,607,081.

#1185467: Pregnancy and childhood outcomes associated with novel medication use in early pregnancy following IVF-assisted conception. CIA Lindquist AC, AI Walker SP et al. NHMRC Ideas Grant (2020 -2022) $592,259.

#1186862: Childhood outcomes of fetal genomic variants: the PrenatAL Microarray (PALM) cohort study. CIA Hui L, CIE Walker SP et al. NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies (2020 – 2022) $727,859.

#1160711: Using biomarkers and Ultrasound in late pregnancy to Minimise preventable Stillbirth: the BUMPs study. CIA Walker SP et al. NHMRC Project Grant (2019 -2022) $1,233,862.

#1143448: Prevention of Adverse Child Behavioural Development Following Maternal Depression in Pregnancy. CIA Milgrom, CIH Walker SP et al. NHMRC Project Grant (2018 -2022) $761,937.

Other funding:

We have received philanthropic grants from many funding bodies, including the Norman

Beischer Medical Research Foundation, the Harold Mitchell Foundation, RANZCOG, Mercy Health Foundation, Stillbirth Foundation, the Kilvington Trust and Mr Geoff Handbury AO.

Research Outcomes

- Using biomarkers and Ultrasound in late pregnancy to Minimise preventable Stillbirth: the BUMPs study into the research group page, attached is a template for the project.

- ‘Find and Follow’: scoping the data capture, reporting and follow-up of (i) pregnancies complicated by congenital abnormalities, (ii) health and development among ‘high risk’ newborns.

- New ways to identify fetal macrosomia in late pregnancy.

- Fetal Longitudinal Assessment of Growth Study (FLAG).

- Improving the prediction and prevention of late pregnancy stillbirth.

- The pre-eclampsia intervention with esomeprazole (PIE) trial.

- Improving the prediction and detection of contributors to term stillbirth.

- Assessment of fetal well-being with fetal doppler examination prior to induction of labour at term.

Research Publications

  • Bianchi DW, Ghidini A, Levy B, Deprest J, van Mieghem T, Chitty LS, Hui L, McLean-Inglis A. The 2018 Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Young Investigator Award. Prenat Diagn. 2019;39(10):835-837. doi: 10.1002/pd.5533.
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