Improving understanding of MRI patterns, structure-function relationships and causal pathways in cerebral palsy

Project Details

This program focusses on improving understanding of patterns of injury on brain MRI scans, and relating these MRI findings to the type of cerebral palsy and the child’s level of function. The research program also explores causal pathways in subgroups of children with cerebral palsy based on their brain MRI findings.


  • Dr Kylie Crompton
  • Ms Tessa Devries
  • Ms Angela Guzys
  • Dr Adrienne Harvey
  • Ms Alex Holland
  • Ms Elaine Meehan
  • Ms Clare McKinnon
  • Ms Linda McNamara
  • Dr Carmen Pace
  • Dr Sue Reid
  • Dr Kirsty Stewart
  • Ms Rachel Toovey
  • Dr Kate Willoughby
  • A/Professor Adam Scheinberg
  • Ms Christine Westbury


  • Australian Catholic University
  • CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Deakin University
  • La Trobe University
  • Monash Health
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Western Australia
  • Yooralla


  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Ian Potter Foundation
  • Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • The Lorenzo and Pamela Galli Charitable Trust
  • The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Victorian Medical Insurance Agency

Research Outcomes

  • Reid SM, Dagia CD, Ditchfield MR, Carlin JB, Reddihough DS. Population-based studies of brain imaging patterns in cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. 2014;56:222-232.
  • Reid SM, Dagia CD, Ditchfield MR, Carlin JB, Meehan EM, Reddihough DS An Australian population study of factors associated with MRI patterns in cerebral palsy.  Dev Med Child Neurol 2014;56:178-184.
  • Reid SM, Dagia CD, Ditchfield MR, Reddihough DS. Grey matter injury patterns in cerebral palsy: associations between structural involvement on MRI and clinical outcomes. Dev Med Child Neurol 2015; 57:1159-67.
  • Reid SM, Ditchfield M, Reddihough DS.  Relationship between characteristics on magnetic resonance imaging and motor outcomes in children with cerebral palsy and white matter injury. Res Dev Disabil. (2015), pp. 178-187 doi: 10.1016/j.ridd.2015.07.030.

Research Group

Cerebral Palsy Research

Faculty Research Themes

Child Health

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