Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CEBU)

Research Overview

The Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CEBU) specialises in biostatistics, epidemiological methods and data management. The group is supported by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and the University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics, to provide expertise and support in these areas to all researchers on The Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne Children's) campus. The group collaborates with a wide range of clinical and biomedical investigators and also conducts methodological research to develop and strengthen the biostatistical methods underpinning modern health research.

The unit’s work is fundamentally important across many clinical and health problems, because almost all modern research involving patients and children relies heavily on statistical methods in order to design high-quality studies and to interpret the resulting data appropriately. The Melbourne Children's has developed a national profile in this area and CEBU is widely regarded as a leading example of how internationally-respected biostatistical expertise can be developed and integrated into major health research programs. The group’s work on the method of multiple imputation for managing missing data problems has attracted international recognition, and it has a growing reputation in methods for causal inference. The team’s work contributes to the improvement of clinical care for children by providing research evidence and increasing the understanding of disease causes, and potential prevention pathways, from epidemiological studies.

CEBU offers a number of highly regarded short courses in research methods, biostatistics and data management


  • Associate Professor Margarita Moreno-Betancur (Co-Group Leader)
  • Professor Katherine Lee (Co-Group Leader)
  • Professor John Carlin (Senior Principal Research Fellow)
  • Associate Professor Susan Donath (Principal Research Fellow)
  • Luke Stevens (Research Data Systems Manager)
  • Dr Anneke Grobler (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Dr Cattram Nguyen (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Francesca Orsini (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Dr Ghazaleh Dashti (SRO)
  • Dr Monsurul Hoq (SRO)
  • Dr Robert Mahar (SRO)
  • Dr Rheanna Mainzer (SRO)
  • Dr Cecilia Moore (SRO)
  • Dr Rachel Schembri (SRO)
  • Suzanna Vidmar (SRO)
  • Diana Zannino (SRO)
  • Kate Francis (SRO)
  • Dr Tong Chen (RO)
  • Dr Marnie Downes (RO)
  • Dr Kaushala Jayawardana  (RO)
  • Dr Daisy Shepherd (RO)
  • Dr Rushani Wijesuriya (RO)
  • Chris Selman (RA)
  • Xiaofang Wang (RA)
  • Susan Ellul (PhD student)
  • Melissa Middleton (PhD student)
  • Jiaxin Zhang (PhD Student)
  • Ross Dunn (Data Manager)
  • Sri Joshi (Database Manager)
  • Peter Xiberras (Data Manager)
  • Nessie Mupfeki (Data Management Specialist)
  • Julie Perkins (Business Manager)
  • Fiona Snashall (Administrative Officer)


Research Opportunities

This research project is available to Honours students to join as part of their thesis.
Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.

Research Publications

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