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Chromosome disorders are a significant cause of mortality and morbidity in humans.  This study focuses on clinical aspects of chromosome disorders including the origins and consequences of chromosome pathology, detection of chromosome disorders at prenatal diagnosis, chromosome translocations and uniparental disomy.  In collaboration with the VCGS cytogenetics laboratory, we are interested in the natural history and genotype-phenotype correlation of copy number variants.


We collaborate with a range of different groups including those from the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, University of Melbourne.  Our principle local collaborators are A/Prof Paul Lockhart, Professor Martin Delatycki and Dr Rick Leventer (Accelerated Gene Identification Program), A/Prof Melanie Bahlo (bioinformatics lead for the AGIP Program), Prof Jane Halliday (IVF studies and epidemiology), Dr David Godler (epigenetics and Fragile X), Prof Katrina Williams (Autism research), Prof Dinah Reddihough (cerebral palsy research), A/Prof Angela Morgan (Genetics of speech and language disorders).


We are funded through NHMRC and various philanthropic organisations.

Research Outcomes

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