Improving delivery of RNA therapeutics

Project Details

RNA interference holds tremendous promise for the treatment of disease. However, despite tremendous effort and investment, not a single RNA-based drug has yet been approved for clinical use, due largely to problems of ineffective delivery. We are studying the mechanisms by which RNA moves into cells in an effort to overcome this delivery problem.


  • Dr Ken Pang, Consultant Paediatrician
  • Dr Nicole van Bergen, Research Officer
  • Dr Rocio Ruis, PhD Candidate
  • Ms Simran Kaur, PhD Candidate
  • Ms Marilou Barrios, PhD Candidate
  • Mr Blake Smith, PhD Candidate
  • Ms Lucy Liu, MA Candidate


  • Metabolic Research Group – Kids Research Institute, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
  • Professor Carolyn Sue – Kolling Research Institute, Sydney
  • Professor David Ravine – School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Perth
  • Professor Helen Leonard – Telethon Kids Institute, Perth
  • Dr Yiran Guo and Dr Brendan Keating – Center for Advanced Genomics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Dr Carole Lister, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Universite du Luxembourg

Research Group

Neurodevelopmental Genomics Research

Faculty Research Themes

Child Health

School Research Themes

Child Health in Medicine, Neuroscience & Psychiatry

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