Culturally inclusive rural health care


Research Overview

The work of this research group focuses on partnering with consumers, practitioners and rural health services to ensure that everyone living in rural communities, no matter their culture, identity or socio-economic status, has access to quality health care. To this end, research is being conducted into four main domains:

  • the cultures of health consumers (consumer perspectives, expectations and needs);
  • the cultures of rural health services (how the service engages, welcomes and respects consumers);
  • the cultures of rural health professionals (practitioner practices, knowledges and challenges); and
  • the cultures of health care systems (how systems enable inclusive and exclusive health care).

Some projects in this stream focus on a particular domain, such a consumers who are refugees or assylum seekers or the health outcomes of Aboriginal children or the birthing experiences of mothers and fathers.  Other projects analyse what occurs when these four domains intersect—when health consumers and practitioners intersect at a service/s located within the broader health care system. This pursues the dis/connection between these domains to understand how consumers are engaged and/or marginalised and the ability of health practitioners and services to provide inclusive health care.


Professor Lisa Bourke, Department of Rural Health

Dr Christina Malatzky, Research Fellow, Culturally Inclusive Rural Health Care

Dr Olivia Mitchell, Research Assistant, Culturally Inclusive Rural Health Care

Raelene Nixon, Research Assistant, Indigenous Health

Karyn Ferguson, Department of Rural Health

Dr Daniel Terry, Research Fellow, Department of Rural Health

Dr Helen Haines, Director, Rural Health Academic Network, Department of Rural Health


Australian Government Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program

Research Projects

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For further information about this research, please contact Dr Christina Malatzky

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Culturally inclusive rural health care

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