The Melbourne MD-PhD pathway provides a unique range of opportunities for medical students to integrate a PhD into their MD program. It offers unparalleled flexibility, choice, and support for medical students who want to kick-start their career as clinician-researcher leaders of the future.

While the Melbourne MD already equips students with the necessary skills to commence a career as a clinician-researcher, the pathway allows those with a deep interest in research to explore this exciting opportunity early in their medical training to lay a parallel foundation for their academic career.

The Melbourne MD-PhD is not an accelerated pathway. The minimum duration of the MD-PhD pathway is seven years, comprised of four years MD and three years PhD. Students will find that the research training components of the MD will have synergies with the PhD which will, in turn, inform and enhance their MD experience.

An example of the MD-PhD pathway with intercalation after MD1

Offering flexibility through a variety of entry points during the MD allows students to commence the MD-PhD pathwat at the time most appropriate for them. A unique feature of the Melbourne MD-PhD approach is that each student's pathway is individually tailored in accordance with their needs, preferences, and life circumstances.

Diagrams on the timelines page show possible ways of completing the MD-PhD pathway, with other modes also possible. The optimal pathway will vary according to the individual’s needs and the nature of their PhD research activity. However, common to all pathways is that students can only commence their PhD after the first year of the MD.