Research Training Academy (RTA)

Research Training Academy (RTA)

At the centre of the Melbourne MD-PhD is the Melbourne Medical School Research Training Academy (RTA), a ‘scholarly greenhouse’ that provides a supportive and facilitative community of practice for MD students undertaking joint degree pathways.

The RTA will offer MD joint degree students with access to a range of opportunities and resources including career guidance, mentorship and sponsorship to encourage a supportive environment during their studies.

The Research Training Academy (RTA) will be comprised of:

  • Members - MD students undertaking a joint degree (for example: MD-PhD or MD-MPH).
  • MACH-Track Fellows - Elite cohort of doctors selected to integrate PhD and research training with completion of their vocational training in accredited hospital specialties, or general practice.
  • Alumni - Graduates of MD joint degree programs who are invited to act as junior supervisors and mentors to Members.
  • Fellows - Senior clinician-researchers and supervisors, appointed by invitation, who will provide leadership and inspiration to Members and MACH Track-Fellows.

The RTA will provide students a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges at different stages of their careers and to engage with like-minded clinician-researchers from many different research fields and clinical specialities.

Opportunities will be provided to develop key skills for 21st century researchers including training on:

  • maximising research impact
  • using social media and other new media
  • entrepreneurship and leadership
  • knowledge translation
  • using emotional intelligence optimally as a clinician-scientist
  • career planning
  • development of teaching and supervision skills
  • science communication

Access to extra learning resources, activities and mentoring will be available to all members of the RTA. However, individuals will determine the level of engagement which is most appropriate to their studies and needs. The right time to engage in these optional opportunities will differ for students, and guidance will be provided through the RTA to ensure students feel inspired and supported, rather than overwhelmed.

Watch the first RTA kick off event for more information.