Honour Roll

Congratulations to our 2023 No-Bell Prize winners

The Melbourne Medical School and Melbourne Dental School are pleased to announce the winners of the No-Bell Prize competition held on Tuesday 11 July.

Photo of winners and Prof Peter Doherty

(L-R) Alice Ruiye Chen, Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, Emma Boehm and Scotia Mullin

Congratulations to Emma Boehm (Department of Clinical Pathology) for winning the 2023 No-Bell Prize competition, followed by our two exceptional runners-up, Alicia Ruiye Chen (Department of Surgery – Ophthalmology) and Scotia Mullin (Melbourne Dental School). Scotia was also awarded the People’s Choice Award, which was voted by the audience at the event.

Hosted by Professor Alastair Sloan (Head, Melbourne Dental School) and Associate Professor Catherine Quinlan (Academic Lead – Graduate Research, Melbourne Medical School), the event featured nine graduate researchers demonstrating proficiency in communicating their research in clear and accessible language as they pitched their research to our panel of judges.

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty (Nobel Prize winner) awarded the prizes and shared an inspiring message about the importance of good communication.

The audience heard some amazing presentations, and we extend our congratulations to all of our participants for the strength of their research pitches.

Find out more about the No-Bell Prize event on our website.

presenters with Prof Peter Doherty

Back row L-R Ciara Murphy (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)Alice Ruiye Chen (Surgery – Ophthalmology), Scotia Mullin (Melbourne Dental School), Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, Emma Boehm (Clinical Pathology), Yali Deng (Surgery), Prof Alastair Sloan (Melbourne Dental School). Front row L-R Erin Crellin (Paediatrics), Matthew Coleman (Paediatrics), Victor Duong (Medicine – Northern Health), Ella Swaney (Paediatrics)

About our winners

Headshot of Emma Boehm Dr Emma Boehm
Department of Clinical Pathology, Rare Disease Oncogenomics Laboratory, University of Melbourne, and Endocrinologist and Nuclear Medicine Fellow, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Dr Emma Boehm is an endocrinologist and a nuclear medicine fellow at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She is undertaking a PhD in the Rare Disease Oncogenomics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, led by A/Prof Richard Tothill. Emma is supported by a Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH track) scholarship.  Emma’s PhD is focussed on circulating tumour DNA as a biomarker of neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). Emma is passionate about the overlap between endocrinology, nuclear medicine and oncology, and improving access for patients with NET to precision diagnostics, therapies and research.
headshot of Alice  Alice Ruiye Chen
Centre for Eye Research Australia; And Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery

Alice Ruiye Chen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Ophthalmic Epidemiology at the Centre for Eye Research Australia. With a background in clinical medicine, she obtained her medicine degree in 2020. After nearly two years of residency, she decided to pursue a PhD with a specific focus on healthy ageing in 2022. Her PhD project explores the concept of retinal age, which involves using deep learning techniques to develop a novel biomarker of ageing and translating it for use in primary care settings. So far, she has published 4 manuscripts and has had the opportunity to present her research at two international conferences.
headshot of Scotia  Scotia Mullin
Melbourne Dental School

Scotia Mullin is a PhD Candidate in biological/forensic anthropology and public health at Melbourne Dental School. Scotia has a keen interest in intersectional and sensitive medical interventions, LGBTQ+ health, forensic anthropology, repatriation, and disaster victim identification. In his spare time Scotia is an avid reader of fantasy novels, hiking, and hanging out with his friends and his dogs.