Let's communicate!

Communication skills are widely acknowledged as cornerstones for a successful research career, both within and beyond academia. Whether you're aiming for a research grant, your dream job or simply to impress family and friends, being able to clearly communicate what you do and why is crucial.

The  Melbourne Medical School (MMS) and Melbourne Dental School (MDS) are collaborating to deliver Clear as a Bell; a series of hybrid-format workshops to help you as a graduate researcher develop and refine your communication skills. Each workshop is centred on a specific communication skillset, allowing attendees to focus on their area of interest. Graduate researchers will develop and build on skills in audience communication, creating engaging research pitches and communicating their research story in an engaging and compelling way for a variety of purposes.

The series is designed as stand-alone modules to cater to all interests, with online and onsite options at the Parkville campus and selected hospital sites available.

Topics and skills covered will help prepare you for the 'No-Bell' Prize competition in May. Pitch your research to our panel and you could be in the running for some great prizes.

We can't wait to talk research with you!

Your workshop team

Amy Coe, Karla Fallon, Associate Professor Cathy Quinlan (Melbourne Medical School)
Dr Rita Hardiman, Bree Jones, Bridget Nelthropp, Dr Mihiri Silva (Melbourne Dental School)

MMS and MDS acknowledge the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) for supporting these events via a 2022 Graduate Research Development Grant.