Professor Frédéric Hollande appointed as interim Deputy Head of Melbourne Medical School

Professor Frédéric Hollande, Interim Head of the Department of Clinical Pathology, has also been appointed the interim Deputy Head of the Melbourne Medical School, commencing 20 January 2023.

Professor Fred HollandeWith a research and teaching career spanning more than 25 years, Professor Hollande is ideally positioned to support the strategic direction and continued growth of the School, enhancing and fostering excellence across all disciplines.

He will undertake the role in addition to his roles as Interim Head of the Department of Clinical Pathology and lead of the Tumour Heterogeneity in Metastatic Cancer group.

Professor Hollande has combined discovery research with a strong translational focus, to enable the implementation of personalised oncology to improve therapeutic responses in cancer patients. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in curriculum development and in Research Training, through various roles within the University of Melbourne.

His commitment is evidenced by his efforts in teaching the next generation of researchers to create a culture of lifelong collaboration with consumers.

Professor Hollande has also been a key driver for establishing and strengthening partnerships between the University of Melbourne and leading research organisations in France.