Associate Professor Adam Deane awarded MRFF grant for TARGET PROTEIN Trial

Congratulations to A/Professor Deane and co-investigators, awarded a four year $1.99m MRFF Grant to conduct the TARGET PROTEIN Clinical Trial: Augmenting dietary protein during critical illness.

A small proportion of Australians become so sick that they require admission to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for invasive organ support. As part of their care, these patients receive liquid nutrition via a tube into their stomach. The ideal amount of dietary protein to administer is, however, unknown.

The aim of this pragmatic clinical trial is to address an issue that affects 40,000 Australians per year to answer the specific question: does administration of augmented dietary protein to critically ill adults improve outcomes that are important to patients and society?

The investigators will conduct a cluster randomised, cross-sectional, double cross-over, clinical trial at 8 high volume ICUs across Australia. All patients during their index ICU admission and receiving organ support and are about to commence enteral nutrition will be eligible.


  • Associate Professor Adam Deane, Departments of Critical Care and Medicine, University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Professor Marianne Chapman, Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Professor Sandra Peake, Central Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated
  • Dr Lee-anne Chapple, The University of Adelaide
  • Associate Professor Jeffrey Presneill, Department of Critical Care, University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, Department of Critical Care, University of Melbourne, Austin Health and Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Associate Professor Paul Young, Department of Critical Care, University of Melbourne and Medical Research Institute of New Zealand
  • Dr Emma Ridley, Monash University
  • Dr Amalia Karahalios, MISCH, University of Melbourne
  • Dr An Tran-Duy, MISCH, University of Melbourne

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