Associate Professor Kimberley Haines awarded NHMRC Investigator Grant

Congratulations to Associate Professor Kimberley Haines, awarded a five year Investigator Grant to support her research program around Co-designed Critical Care Recovery.

Associate Professor Haines' research aims to improve patient and family outcomes following critical illness by developing and evaluating a novel and promising intervention - peer support delivered virtually, where survivors can support each other to recover. Two co-designed peer support interventions will be developed that can be delivered virtually. Associate Professor Haines' work aims to reduce inequities in access to recovery programs following critical illness in Australia, and will no doubt have global impact.

Associate Professor Kimberley Haines (PhD, BHSc (Physiotherapy)) is the Physiotherapy Research Lead and Critical Care Physiotherapist at Western Health and a Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Critical Care. Her research largely focusses on recovery following critical illness – to measure, predict, and improve patient and caregiver outcomes. More recently Associate Professor Haines has led some of the first co-designed studies in critical care - a co-designed critical care recovery program that is currently being testing via a virtual platform. Her Investigator Grant will enable her to further develop these resources. She has also led large, international qualitative studies for the Society of Critical Care Medicine evaluating the implementation of ICU recovery programs, and describing patient and caregiver experiences of ICU survivorship.

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