PhD awarded - Dr Benjamin Sansom

Congratulations to Dr Benjamin Sansom who has been awarded his PhD, for his thesis titled "Continuous Artificial Kidney Fluid Dynamics: Impact on Circuit Life, Physiology and Outcomes"

Dr Sansom's PhD research aims to advance our understanding of continuous renal replacement therapy, an essential machinery for treatment of acute kidney injury and other organ supports.

The study examines the many aspects that make up the continuous renal replacement therapy and identifying predictors of circuit dysfunction, allowing for prediction of circuit failure and improving patient mortality.

Thank you to Dr Sansom's supervisors Professor Rinaldo Bellomo and Associate Professor Jeffrey Presneill.


Understanding the interaction between the continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) circuit and patients is crucial with the rising incidence of acute kidney injury requiring such therapy and the expanding role of CRRT in organ support. Continuous machine recordings offer improved analysis of circuit function, and both circuit and patient outcomes. This research aims to study CRRT circuit pressure characteristics, using data-driven techniques to predict circuit failure. Additionally, it evaluates the impact of blood flow and modality on circuit pressures, access issues, alarms, and filter lifespan. The research assesses circuit pressures with various anticoagulation methods, particularly regional citrate anticoagulation, and compares them to non-citrate CRRT. It aims to describe CRRT circuit pressures during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and identifies predictors of circuit dysfunction in ECMO-CRRT. The work also investigates early changes in patient haemodynamics and vasopressor requirements during the early stages after CRRT commencement and examines net ultrafiltration practices' and their association with admission diagnoses and mortality.

Benjamin Sansom

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