Martin Dutch and Kathrin Lawson awarded best papers for organ donation research

At this year's Australian Organ and Tissue Authority's National Organ Donation and Transplantation Conference, Kathrin Lawson and Martin Dutch were awarded 'Best Free Paper' for their respective disciplines.

Megan O'Donnell a final year student supervised by Dr Dutch presented the paper "An Audit of Emergency Department care of patients who progressed to Organ Donations in 2022".

Kathrin Lawson, a Donation Specialist Nursing Coordinator with The Royal Melbourne Hospital and DonateLife, also supervised by Dr Dutch, was awarded the Best Nursing Free Paper for her work describing an automated system for referring patients who received end of life care in the Emergency Department.

Dr Martin Dutch received the Best Medical Free Paper for research describing their process of developing an electronic tool to calculate the risk of unexpected donor derived infections, including a Clinical Implementation Trial in Victoria.  Dr Dutch is an emergency physician at Royal Melbourne Hospital, a medical donation specialist at DonateLife, State Medical Director of St John Ambulance, and an honorary staff member in the Department of Critical Care where he is enrolled in a PhD. This paper is a part of Dr Dutch's PhD and is co-authored with Associate Professor Jonathan Knott and Dr Greg Wadley.

Martin Dutch Award

Left to right:  Megan O'Donnell, Martin Dutch, Kathrin Lawson, Aleesha Blackburn