Major sepsis study in children funded

Dr Elliot Long, Professor Franz Babl and the PREDICT Network (Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative) have been awarded more than $3 million by the Medical Research Future Fund in Australia to enable Australian and New Zealand sites to participate in the international PROMPT BOLUS study on sepsis.

Long and Babl sepsis trialThe study is an open label randomised clinical trial comparing balanced versus normal saline fluid treatment in children with sepsis.

Australian and New Zealand sites in PREDICT will work with the US and Canadian emergency networks to undertake this trial of 8,800 children. PROMPT BOLUS will provide the evidence necessary to change clinical practice worldwide and in turn save thousands of children's lives. The study will be led by CICC’s Dr Elliot Long and Professor Franz Babl in Australia and New Zealand.

The trial was one of three to share in $5 million to allow Australian researchers and patients to take part in international clinical trials of new, lifesaving treatments.

Professor Babl, Dr Long and the team are looking for investigators and sites to participate. Funding is available to cover research coordinators at 10 sites for 4.5 years. We look forward to sharing further news soon.

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