Workshops and short courses

The Department of Critical at the University of Melbourne offer a range of workshops in disaster and terror medicine. Places are limited. Each workshop is accredited for 8 ACEM or CICM CME hours and suitable for ANZCA CPD.

Weekend Workshop: Terror Medicine Principles and Responses

Day 1: Mass Casualty, Active Shooter Workshop

This highly interactive workshop is led by Jonathan Papson and Nicola Walsham, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Department of Critical Care. Participants respond to an unfolding disaster, presented in stages interspersed with a range of scenarios and table top exercises.

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Saturday 18th June 2022

Day 2: Humans Cause Harm: Terror, Combat and Poisons Workshop

Presented by Derrick Tin, Erin Smith, David Read, Shaun Greene and George Braitberg, topics include responding to terror events, toxicological emergencies and other disasters, journalism in terror events, disasters and war zones, battlefield management, nerve agents, vesicants, cyanides and pulmonary irritants. Participants will examine major industrial accidents producing toxicological mass casualties and the corresponding health service response.

Sunday 19th June 2022

Cost for 2-day workshop: $990

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Ethical  Decision Making in Critical Care

This interactive workshop is designed for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working in a range of critical care settings. When faced with increasing time and resource constraints there is often limited opportunity to deliberate on the ethical pros and cons of clinical decisions. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your practice and develop practical tools to apply to patient care within an ethical framework.

Presented by the Department Critical Care, University of Melbourne, the workshop is facilitated by emergency clinicians, clinical ethicists and legal experts. Participants are provided with opportunities for in depth discussion and interaction with like-minded peers.

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