Episode 12 - Kids in out-of-home care - How can the GP help?

In this episode, GP Bianca Forrester speaks with researcher Dr Susan Webster and Paediatrician Dr Karen McLean about the health needs of kids in out of home care and how we can bridge the gaps they face in accessing health care.

"One of the things to keep in mind for these young people is that when abuse or neglect has occurred, it has been in the privacy of the young person's home. Their parents may not have accessed health care....so kids may have big gaps in their health and medical care."

"They do know what is most important to them and they want to be listened to and heard. Something really wonderful that GPs and nurses (and all of us) can do clinically is to respect their views and try to meet them where they are at."


This Podcast was recorded over "zoom" in May-June 2022

  • Presented by: Bianca Forrester
  • Guests: Dr Susan Webster, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne; Dr Karen McLean, Paediatrician Royal Children's hospital and Researcher Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Produced by: Bianca Forrester
  • Music: Space Cadet Lullabies
  • Graphics: Gaal Creative

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