Episode 13 - Part 2 - Young people in out of home care- How can the GP help?

In this episode, GP Bianca Forrester continues the conversation with researcher Dr Susan Webster and Paediatrician Dr Karen McLean about overcoming the barriers that young people in out-of-home care face in accessing health care and supporting their health, social and educational transitions.

The single best contribution that doctors and nurses can make, is to form that ongoing therapeutic relationship with a person who has lived with this kind of adversity. That beyond anything else, can really help.

I think anything that keeps the young person engaged at school and learning, is going to be a positive influence on them...potentially lifelong.


This Podcast was recorded over "zoom" in May-June 2022 and produced in July

  • Presented by: Bianca Forrester
  • Guests: Dr Susan Webster, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne; Dr Karen McLean, Paediatrician Royal Children's hospital and Researcher Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Produced by: Bianca Forrester
  • Music: Space Cadet Lullabies
  • Graphics: Gaal Creative

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