Episode 8 - Period Pain in teens

Period Pain in teens- how can the GP help?

In this episode, GP Bianca Forrester speaks with Gynaecologist (sub-specialising in Adolescents) Professor Sonia Grover about recognising, assessing and managing menstrual pain in primary care. Sonia describes the incidence and impact of moderate to sever period pain in teens and the importance of proactively managing this problem to support teens not only now but to prevent long term sequelae. Sonia also describes the importance of screening for Heavy menstrual bleeding. We discuss the role of investigations and working with families to help them overcome barriers to accessing treatment and support.

"No one should have their life messed by by period and cyclical pain."

Link to podcast: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=816976


This Podcast was recorded "at home" on the 30th of March, 2021

  • Presented by: Bianca Forrester
  • Produced by: Bianca Forrester
  • Interviewees: Prof Sonia Grover- Royal Children's Hospital
  • Music: Space Cadet Lullabies
  • Graphics: Gaal Creative

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