Episode 9 - Old enough for a medicare card, too young to vote - the medico legal framework

Old enough for a medicare card, too young to vote - the medico legal framework

Young people have the right to access health services independently; as early as they are able to access them. As health care professionals, there are a number of medico-legal and ethical considerations that may play out in any health care consultation with teens.

Firstly, we have a duty of care to assess their competence and maturity as it pertains to decision making around the treatment goal proposed. We can assist them on their help seeking journey by creating opportunities to develop health literacy and to participate in making decisions appropriate to their age and developmental stage. Judgement must also be made about whether the teen can manage the health care journey independently or when parent support is required. Finally, in the case where family based care is recommended but the clinician faces resistance from the teen, how does the clinician balance these considerations so as to maintain trust in the therapeutic relationship and appropriate care for the teen?

In this episode, we’ll be talking a deeper dive into the medico legal frameworks and ethical principles that we operate within when we provide care primary care services to young people independently seeking support. I'll be speaking with expert colleagues in the field of adolescent healthcare, regular contributors paediatrician Prof Susan Sawyer and child and adolescent psychiatrist, A/Prof Sandra Radovini.

We’ll be discussing young peoples needs, their rights, and their responsibilities when it comes to participating in patient centred care. We'll be discussing the skills and capacities that are required and how we, as GPs and nurses, can assist young people to build these skills and support them on their journey either independently or alongside families.
Including a discussion on:

  • the mature minor assessment in Australia
  • patient centred and transitional models of adolescent health care
  • the young person's rights and responsibilities in healthcare
  • working with and alongside families in practice
    best practice approaches to working with young people either independently or with families

Link to podcast:  https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=841974

For more information, we recommend this practical guide for GPs and nurses:
Adolescent Health GP Resource Kit, 2nd edition
By Peter Chown, Dr Melissa Kang, Dr Lena Sanci, Verity Newnham and Clin Prof David Bennett AOy

This Podcast was recorded "at home" in November, 2020

  • Presented by: Bianca Forrester
  • Produced by: Bianca Forrester
  • Guests: Prof Susan Sawyer- Centre of Adolescent Health, Royal Children's Hospital, Department of Paediatrics; A/Prof Sandra Radovini - Director, Mindful-Centre For Training & Research, Department of Psychiatry
  • Music: Space Cadet Lullabies
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