Meet our new students

We have recently welcomed four PhD students into the department. The students and their projects are as follows:

  • Assoc Prof Jennifer Hayes - Normal encompasses diversity: is it the labia’s turn to come out?
  • Dr Surriya Baloch - Effectiveness of IPV screening and notification during antenatal care in Australia
  • Dr Jianrong Zhang - Use of linked data to examine patterns of care for lung cancer in Australia
  • Dr Rita McMorrow - Future Health Today: Changing the course of type 2 Diabetes

We have also welcomed nine Doctor of Medicine Year 4 students who are conducting research in the area of primary care and general practice under the supervisor of DGP academic staff. The students and their projects are as follows:

  • Stephen Ciavarella - What features do patients and general practitioners think should be included in a co-designed shared decision aid in order to promote antimicrobial stewardship in the management of upper respiratory tract infections?
  • Tessa Marshall - What are patient's views on therapeutic interchange of stains in the primary care setting in Australia?
  • Phuong Ngo - What do general practitioners think are the barriers and facilitators to implementing Guidance GP, a quality improvement program for antimicrobial stewardship in general practice?
  • Cindy Tien - What are the key barriers and facilitators to successful implementation of Future Health Today in General Practice?
  • Jim Wang - Information that GPs can trust: What is the validity of the passive GP National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey compared to an in-practice audit of antimicrobial prescribing in general practice records?
  • Ron Leizerovitz - What are the common reasons for clinical presentation to general practice among adolescents accessing primary health care in Victoria?
  • Jun Yong Chuah - How does being involved in the delivery of primary healthcare to a school, impact on a general practice? – A cost-benefit analysis
  • Alice Yu - What are the views of women, partners and family members who attend community consultations, on emotional support needs and provision at the time of miscarriage?
  • Shannen D'Mello - Training on family violence for health practitioners.