Welcome to our international visitors

Early this year the Department was pleased to host several international visitors who shared their expertise with our staff and students. Following is a brief outline of the research expertise that was shared with staff and students.

Dr Amy Blakemore

Amy is a lecturer in mental health and a health services researcher at the University of Manchester. Her visit was funded by a grant awarded to her and DGP’s Dr Susan Fletcher by the University of Melbourne-University of Manchester Research Fund. Amy shared findings of her work on low intensity interventions for depression, and work with DGP researchers to identify future directions for primary mental health care research, policy, and practice.

Ms Astrid Boennelykke

Astrid is currently a PhD student  and an MD and GP trainee from The Research Unit for General Practice in Aarhus, Denmark. During her visit Astrid presented her research  based on Danish national registers and regional laboratory databases, exploring the management and diagnostic workup in patients with new onset anaemia from primary care. Results from this study can help uncover the need for improving the management of anaemic patients, which can lead to earlier cancer diagnoses and improved survival.

Dr Rebecca Cox

Rebecca is currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research with University of Oxford. During her visit Rebecca explored collaborative research opportunities on research topics including health practitioners views around early pregnancy loss and domestic violence.

Dr Susanne Boel Graverson

Susanne  is a MD and Geriatric Trainee from the University of Aarhus and Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.  Susanne is conducting an epidemiological, register-based PhD project at the Research Unit of General Practice in Aarhus, Denmark focusing on the prognosis after pneumonia admission for elderly patients with mental and physical multimorbidity.  Susanne worked with Department team members to develop papers exploring the risk of adverse events following pneumonia in elderly with dementia or depression and concurrentpharmacological treatments.

Dr Nana Folmann Hempler

Nana is a Senior Researcher and team leader from Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research involves development, implementation and evaluation of innovative interventions that support diabetes self-management in people with type 2 diabetes and prevent people from developing chronic diseases.

Dr Robert Sarkadi Kristiansson, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Primary care, Region Uppsala, Sweden

Robert is a specialist in general practice working as CMO and quality director in primary care in Uppsala Sweden. Robert’s main interest is effective care processes involving more than one health care provider.

He presented on Data driven quality improvement – how to improve care for 10 million patients. He discussed quality indicators in primary care,  our challenges now when the data is collected and easy to access and what is really driving quality in a primary care setting?

A/Prof Marcos Claudio Signorelli

Marcos is an Associate Professor of Public Health at the Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Brazil and a Physiotherapist. His research interests involve the intersections between gender, violence and health, particularly violence against women and violence against LGBTI+ people, with focus on primary health care and multisectoral interventions in low-and-middle-income settings. Signorelli is  an associate member of the Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Safer Families. The University of Melbourne.

Marcus presented on Brazilian research endeavours in gender, violence and health: multi-sectoral approaches. Gender-based violence is a complex challenge in Brazil, globally 5th ranked on femicide and the 1st on homicides against LGBTI+.  The lecture provided a panorama about this scenario, including the current political challenges and research strategies.

Dr Thea Weisdorf

Thea is a physician at St Michael’s Hospital – The Health Centre, Toronto and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. Thea visited the Department of General Practice for two months observing the delivery of primary health care to transgender and gender diverse people and how as educators, we can better prepare our learners.

Thea presented on TGD people historically,  their negative experiences when accessing primary health care and  building a trusting relationship based on a few key principles to support TGD patients and their families.