2021 Honours students

We have recently welcomed fifteen Honours students into the department. The students and their projects are as follows:

  • Noor Abid - The use of social media to educate about antidepressant use, prescribing and deprescribing
  • Hazija Besic - IVF and the miscarriage experience
  • Daniel Binks - The experience of termination of pregnancy for medical reasons
  • Ash Emamjomeh - Physical health of university students and its impact on student outcomes: findings of the Towards a Health Promoting University study
  • Charne Froneman - How is pelvic and period pain experienced by adolescent girls currently managed and recorded within general practice?
  • William Gibcus - BMI/Metabolic syndrome exacerbates inflammation/biomechanical stress on the knee leading to increased incidence of ACL/complications post ACLR: A SR and pilot study of ACL characteristics
  • Jia Feng Hu - Interprofessional Collaboration in Primary Care
  • Sandra Isaac - Women’s experiences accessing mental health care after sexual violence
  • Justin Liu - Parental perspectives of antibiotic - knowledge, use and resistance
  • Kerry Lo - Normalising oral health in alcohol and other drug recovery services (NORMAD): Empowering clients and service providers
  • Nadine Mouhtadi - Bush medicine in an urban setting – exploring the awareness, usage and knowledge-cultivation of natural antimicrobials in Indigenous communities, with implications for antimicrobial resistance in Indigenous children and communities
  • Rommel Nouman - What factors influence ACLR/OA outcomes in the military population? A scoping review.
  • Planning Saw - Evidence of bringing Indigenous culture into mainstream health care for Indigenous young people: A systematic review
  • Shadow Toke - Equity-oriented health care
  • Isabella Topy - Workplace training at the Royal Women's Hospital in sexual and family violence