Welcome from Head of Department

The University is now permitting return to full occupancy again with staff gradually returning to work. Our Department is in gradual transition back to campus, but all meetings are still on zoom. It will be an interesting time of blended online and F2F models of work while we transition.

We are happy that teaching will return for medical students visiting general practice on placement. Thank you to all our GP Supervisors who recently attended our GP Training evenings on 2nd and 10th February. We are grateful to all our teaching practices out there who are offering their time and expertise during these uncertain times. We look forward to the students’ and your reflections about clinical care in community settings during a pandemic.

Thank you also to all practices who have signed on to do research projects with us – we understand this is a time of uncertainty for general practice being in limbo with the vaccine rollout, so we really appreciate you making the headspace to help advance the evidence for our discipline.

A warm welcome to the new practices in our in our network and those that have joined our Data for Decisions (Patron) program of research. We hope to be working with you over the year on some important projects for the people we serve in general practice.

I this addition we welcome four new academic registrars to experience GP academia with us. We congratulate our academic staff who have been promoted this year to Professor and Associate Professor – these are important and difficult milestones to reach and signal high academic excellence.

We also present some new and interesting research you may be keen on participating in and please read about the celebration of our other work – our staff and students are excellent and alongside them is the contribution of all of you - our General Practice community, patients, policy and research partners and advocates, helping our research and teaching to happen – so our success is also your success!!

With warm regards