Welcoming new researchers to the Cancer in Primary Care Group

Anastasia (Stasie) Abela, Pavi Alphonse and Vivien Luong have joined the Cancer in Primary Care group to facilitate recruitment for the SCRIPT Trial and PRESIDE Trial. Both trials are due to commence participant recruitment over the next few months. We are excited to have Stasie, Pavi and Vivien joining the team and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Here are a few words from our new starters:

“Hi, I’m Stasie. My background is as a Nurse and Biomedical Scientist working in research for around 6 years now. I am joining the Cancer in Primary Care group as a Research Assistant on the SCRIPT and PRESIDE Trials.

I have previously worked in Clinical Gerontology and Orthopaedic Clinical Trials research and I have a passion for patient centred research.  I am the secretary and on the committee for the Victoria Association for Research Nurses.

In my spare time, I like to play tennis, go for walks with my dog and try new places to eat!” - Anastasia (Stasie) Abela, Research Assistant.

“Hi! I’m Pavi, I did my Honours with the Department in 2019 and have come on this year as a Research Support Officer working with the Cancer team (under supervision of Prof Jon Emery). I will be working closely on the SCRIPT and PRESIDE trials.

Looking forward to working with everyone, I’m very lucky to be ‘back’ at the Department. Thanks!” – Pavi Alphonse, Research Support Officer.

“Hi all, I’m Vivien and I’ve recently joined the Department of General Practice as a Research Support Officer within the cancer team under Professor Jon Emery, working on both the SCRIPT and PRESIDE trials.

I’m excited to contribute to conducting research in a primary care environment and look forward to learning lots and working with everyone!” – Vivien Luong, Research Support Officer.