Meet our new Graduate Research students

The students and their projects are as follows:

Brent Venning – Brent is one of five doctors undertaking his PhD as part of the MACH-Track program. The program seeks to develop the future leaders of clinical innovation by offering an opportunity to integrate pre-PhD, PhD and initial post-PhD research training with completion of vocational training of the highest standard. Brent’s PhD project title is Value Based Healthcare: The investigation of cancer symptoms in primary care, and he will be working with Prof Jon Emery and Dr Alex Lee.

Jossy Jimenez – Jossy completed both her Bachelor and Masters at the Universidad Iberoamericana, México and is a Human Development / Wellbeing Consultant. Jossy’s PhD title is Toxic masculinity, the penis, and intimate partner sexual violence, and she will be working with A/Prof Laura Tarzia and Prof Kelsey Hegarty.

Shadow Toke – Shadow completed her Honours with the Department of General Practice in 2021 and we’re delighted that she has continued into graduate research. Shadow’s PhD project title is Bringing the Interpreter into the Conversation: a Community-Based Participatory Research study exploring the role of the interpreter in providing trauma-and violence-informed pregnancy care, and she will be working with Prof Stephane Brown and Dr Elisha Riggs.

Chance Pistoll – Chance is a GP and was formally the DGP Doctor of Medicine Academic Program Coordinator. Chance will be supervised by Prof Lena Sanci, Prof Stephen Trumble and A/Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron and his project title is How can primary care respond to the health impacts of climate change: An exploration of potential interventions in medical education.