Future Health Today and TorchRecruit feature in newly funded national diabetes centre

The Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations (ACADI) has been awarded $10 million over four years from the MRFF. Led out of the University of Melbourne, ACADI will deliver novel interventions for timely diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications. The team behind Future Health Today and TorchRecruit is proud to be involved.

Future Health Today (FHT) aims to optimise the care provided to people with, or at risk of, chronic disease. FHT is a software program developed with general practice which integrates with the electronic medical records utilised by over 90% of general practice clinics, augmented by education activities. TorchRecruit applies trial inclusion and exclusion criteria to electronic medical records to identify potentially eligible trial participants in general practice.

As part of the innovative ACADI project, Future Health Today will: a) conduct a secondary analysis of its trial which is currently underway to understand implementation factors unique to patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and type 2 diabetes; b) undertake simulation modeling to determine the estimated cost savings of initiation of cardioprotective medications in general practice for people with type 2 diabetes; c) conduct an intervention via an FHT module to recommend prescription of SLGT2 inhibitors in people with type 2 diabetes and at least one of: CKD, cardiovascular disease (CVD) or multiple CVD risk factors and; d) create an accompanying quality improvement activity and ECHO education series.

TorchRecruit will undertake an implementation study utilising two trials to determine operating procedures and recruitment processes, time to recruitment, conversion rates (from approach to patient through to study retention), cost and cost savings, and factors that contribute to successful recruitment.

The Future Health Today and TorchRecruit team looks forward to working with the extensive, multi-disciplinary ACADI team on this important project.

More here: https://www.mtpconnect.org.au/programs/TTRA/ResearchCentres/ACADI